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"2014 Diplomat of The Year Awards" for DPAAL Board members

14th April 2013

@The Langham

"Diplomat of the Year" Awards for Outstanding Contribution to the Press Corps and Outstanding Contribution for Women in Diplomacy

We are very proud and honoured to announce that two members of our DPAAL Board were distinguished during the "Diplomat of the Year Awards", ceremony kindly hosted by the Diplomat Magazine:

2014 Outstanding Contribution to the Press Corps

Mrs. Maria Monteiro

Press & Political Affairs Attaché, Embassy of Portugal

President of DPAAL


2014 Outstanding Contribution to Women in Diplomacy

Mrs. Sohair H. Younis

Press Counsellor, Egyptian Embassy

Vice-President of DPAAL

We thank you all for electing us and promise to continue the recognised work we have been doing so far...

Full article in the Diplomat Magazine edition:

In its sixth year, the awards ceremony recognises the outstanding work and achievements of London’s diplomatic community, who are trying to better their nations’ well-being. DIPLOMAT magazine identified 10 categories that recognise different levels of diplomacy, and winners were nominated by their peers. The initiative to bestow annual awards for excellence in diplomacy, in recognition of exemplary contributions of diplomats accredited in the United Kingdom, belongs to the Diplomat magazine, a publication for the the members of the diplomatic corps, British political and business communities, and think-tanks.

The evening welcomed the massed ranks of London’s diplomatic corps, at what has become a key date in the capital’s diplomatic calendar.

Veteran broadcaster Martin Lewis was the Master of Ceremonies, who performed with immense slickness and wit.

"Diplomat of the Year" Awards and DPAAL event in the Embassy Magazine

The "Diplomat of the Year" Awards and the DPAAL-London Press Club reception are featured in the new edition (51) of the Embassy Magazine.

Check them out at:

Meeting The Economist's John Peet

8th of April 2014

@Embassy of Belgium

On the 8th of April 2014, DPAAL members met John Peet, Europe Editor of The Economist since 2003, at an event that was hosted by HE Mr. Guy Trouverou, the Ambassador of Belgium, at the Residence. Peet spoke about the Euro Crisis, the European Parliament Elections, the UK and EU relations as well as the British Media.

He considered that the Euro Crisis was in one sense over since growth had returned, bond yields were down and Greece was back in the markets. The turning point would have been Mario Draghi's speech in July 2012. And yet, the GDP of the region remained very sluggish - especially in Southern Europe, debts and deficits were high, there was concern regarding deflation and competitiveness, as well as in regards to the Europeans banks and credit for SMEs. He spoke about a long-term growth crisis, acute in two sleeping giants: Italy and France, as George Soros had put it recently. Peet also didn't seem to think that the architecture of the Euro was sustainable, with the banking union still representing a big legacy problem and in need of some form of debt mutualisation and/or a common fund for helping people.

Another problem in the EU was the democratic/accountability issue. The notion that actually Berlin now decided everything... The solution ought to be handing back more flexibility to countries but letting them go bust - as we saw happening in the U.S.

As for the European Parliament elections, Peet didn't think it was the democratic answer to all the problems because it lacked legitimacy and most of the countries wanted a bigger role for their national parliaments. Therefore, what does David Cameron really want? He knows that were UK to leave the EU it would be a huge blow, but he also has to deal with internal politics and the rise of the UKIP.

He then went on to talk about the huge influence the British media still have in Europe and the world...

The talk was followed by a long session of Q&A and a networking lunch.

All photos taken and kindly provided by Elizabeth Stewart, editor of the Embassy Magazine:

For more information contact DPAAL:

London Press Club Reception

3rd of April 2014

@ Northcliffe House

Following the success of our join event on Social Media at the Brazilian Embassy in January, the London Press Club kindly hosted at the end of the day on Thursday the 3rd of April a networking reception with DPAAL at the prestigious Northcliffe House - home to the Daily Mail, MoS, The Independent, IoS, Evening Standard, Metro and where a new studio is being built for the London Live television station.

More than 100 guests participated in this event, which was a great opportunity for diplomatic attachés, editors and journalists to exchange experiences and contacts.

In his welcoming remarks, Doug Wills, Managing Editor of the Evening Standard, Independent and i, as well as the Chairman of the London Press Club spoke about the importance of such initiatives to help not only the work of media players but also of the diplomatic press corps.

DPAAL expressed to Doug the wishes of many of our members to visit the newsrooms seeded at Northcliffe House and we are proud to announce that a first tour will take place next fall.

Photos taken and kindly provided by Elizabeth Stewart, editor of the Embassy Magazine:

You can also read about the reception at:

The Times' First Tour

3rd of March 2014

@The Times

A very small group of DPAAL members spent the morning at The Times editorial newsroom in London on the 3rd of March, where we were very kindly received by the Diplomatic Editor of this prestigious newspaper, Roger Boyes, whom some of you have previously met at our DPAAL event last June ( events/events-archive/99-meeting-times-editor-roger-boyes).

We will arrange other groups in the next coming months upon your request. For more information or to join DPAAL, please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
DPAAL participates in the FCO's Annual Whitehall Workshop

26th of February 2014

@Foreign & Commonwealth Office

altOn the morning of the 26th of February, DPAAL members were, for the first time, invited to participate in the "Working With Whitehall" workshop that the FCO organises every year, when it brings together press officers from all Government Departments to meet foreign journalists based in London.

The event, aimed at foreign journalists who have recently arrived and need to make contacts in Government Departments and for longer established correspondents who want to renew their contacts, was a success among the more than 30 DPAAL members that were allowed to be present.

For more information on the "Working with Whitehall" event, please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

DPAAL events in the Embassy Magazine

Two DPAAL events are featured in the new edition (50) of the Embassy Magazine. Check them out at:


Social Media Event with LPC

23rd of January 2014

@Embassy of Brazil

On the 23rd of January, the first joint event that DPAAL organized with the London Press Club at the Embassy of Brazil in London gathered more than 100 people. We debated "Social Media as a Tool for the Diplomatic Community" and listened to the opening remarks by Ambassador Roberto Jaguaribe and fascinating presentations from Alison Daniels (Head of Digital Engagement at the FCO), Maz Nadjm (Founding director of SoMazi), Alberto Nardelli (Tweetminster), Toni Cowan-Brown (Twiplomacy) and John-Paul Evans (United States Embassy). 
The discussion was moderated by Will Gore (London Press Club), who is deputy managing editor of the London Evening Standard, the Independent, the i, and the Independent on Sunday.
There was still time for a Q&A session and a networking reception with a Brazilian lunch.

Read more about this exciting event in the LPC website:

Photos taken and kindly provided by Elizabeth Stewart, editor of the Embassy Magazine:

Second ITV News Tour

21st of January 2014

@ITV News

A second group of DPAAL members spent the morning at the ITV News Studios in London on the 21st of January, where we were very kindly received by Michael Herrod, Senior News Editor of the International Unit. The visit included a tour of the newsroom (ITV national news, ITV London and the NBC area). We also visited the virtual reality set and met some of the main key players at ITV. DPAAL then watched the 13:30 programme from behind the scenes.

For more information or to join DPAAL, please contact:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

DPAAL Board and Liaison Committee in the Diplomat Magazine

The DPAAL Board, as well as its Liaison Committee, are featured in The Diplomat Magazine's Yearbook 2014, distributed this week:

DPAAL on the Diplomat Magazine


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