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The official launch of DPAAL

The official launch of the Diplomatic Press Attachés' Association of London took place on 4 March at the Commonwealth Club, the new home of the Foreign Press Association. DPAAL Secretary Cristina Nita gave a short speech and unveiled the organisation’s brand-new website.

The event was an excellent opportunity for fellow press attachés to meet each other and to mingle with members of the British and foreign media.

Written by Elizabeth Stewart, Editor Embassy



Canada at the Olympics

16th of February 2010

@Canadian High Commission

The Canadian High Commission, along with the Diplomatic Press Attachés’ Association of London, hosted an event to celebrate the winter Olympics in Vancouver. Press attaches were able to view an exhibition on the Games which explained how Canada has delievered both a sustainable event and a legacy for the country's aboriginal communities.

Written by Elizabeth Stewart, Editor of the Embassy magazine

Diplomatic Press Attachés' Association of London elections announced

10th of December 2009

@Rwanda High Commission

Niall Wilkins of the South African High Commission was elected the first chair of the Diplomatic Press Attachés' Association of London (DPAAL), narrowly beating Pavla Skachova of the Czech Republic and Oleg Sepelev of the Russian Embassy, both of whom were appointed Vice Chairs. Cristina Nita of the Romanian Embassy, who set up a similar organisation in Brussels, was elected Secretary of the new organisation.

The event was hosted by James Wizeye, press attaché at the Rwanda High Commission. In his welcome remarks, Mr Wizeye said his country was all too aware of the power of the media – reminding guests how Rwandan government radio had encouraged the 1994 genocide. In his acceptance speech, the DPAAL Chair said all press attachés in London faced a challenging media environment and he hoped that through DPAAL, members could help each other to be more effective.

Written by Elizabeth Stewart, Editor Embassy

Press Attachés Meeting

15th of October 2009

@South Africa House

Discussions followed on the purpose and aims of the press attaché association. It was agreed that together press attachés would have the leverage to attract interesting guests to events hosted by the organisation which would be useful both large and small missions.

With a show of hands it was unanimously decided to form a broad-based organisation for diplomatic press attachés in London and it was decided that the organisation will be called the Diplomatic Press Attachés’ Association of London.

Attendees said efforts should be made to make the organisation as inclusive as possible with a good representation of all regions.


Diplomatic Press Club launched

8th of December 2008

@Embassy of Romania

A new club for foreign press attachés was launched in December, on the initiative of Cristina Nita, press secretary at the Romanian Embassy. Speaking at the launch reception, the Ambassador of Romania Dr Ion Jinga said press attachés worked “on the front line” in diplomatic missions and said he hoped the new initiative would offer press secretaries opportunities to network with each other and the British media and to share best practice.

Press attachés praised Ms Nita for her initiative, with many missions volunteering to host future receptions.

Written by Elizabeth Stewart, Editor Embassy


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